Company History

CRYSTAL HOUSE SA is a prestigious Real Estate Agency, operating on the local- Warsaw market- since 2007.


We provide specialized services in the real estate market in the segment of PREMIUM. We offer apartments, residences, land investment. In addition, we mediate in the course of office space, warehouses and stores.

A highly qualified team of professionals, licensed brokers and their assistants provide professional, comprehensive and in-kind support of transactions.


The company’s founder, Mr. Dariusz Przewocki:

The real estate market of luxury goods dealing with for several years. From the very beginning of its activity in the industry dealt with expensive and luxurious suites and residences. My undeniable advantage in the field of real estate marketing was frequent and fruitful cooperation with foreigners.

In addition, at the time I dealt with the analysis of the primary market – analysis of all residences in Warsaw and lower segments – in multifamily.

In conclusion, several years of experience in the real estate industry – the segment of premium, numerous contacts among investors, and personality traits allowed to build a strong, professional Real Estate Agency CRYSTAL HOUSE SA, acting is in this segment of the premium on the local market in Warsaw.


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Dariusz Przewocki

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