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Offer number 1369/3389/ODS Castle Chateau de Bois Renault for sale France


The unusually majestic Chateau de Bois of the Renault of the Loire in France for sale located in the town of Ballan-Miré, built on land of about 22 hectares with a building for service and outbuildings. A wonderful, peaceful place to relax, surrounded by beautiful nature and wonderful scenic views!




The castle was built in the 19th century by Édouard André, located in the town of Ballan-Miré, situated on a land of about 22 hectares!
This city is located in central France in the district of Tours. It is a beautiful, peaceful and historic town. The region produces world-famous wines such as Chinon, Bourgueil and Sainte-Maure de Touraine.
There you can enjoy the pleasure of discovering the flavors and treasures traveling throughout the beautiful region, both on foot, by bicycle, kayak or traditional small boats on the Loire, classified as a UNESCO world heritage, which provides great scenery. The nearest airport, Tours Loire Valley, is 13 km from Chateau de Bois Renault. The village is located 2 hours from Paris by car, to which are beautiful French roads.


The castle has beautiful, elegant furniture, antique wardrobes, tables, chairs with unique decorations. Each room has been finished with taste and taste using the best quality materials. You can admire impressive crystal chandeliers, beautiful porcelain, richly framed mirrors, amazing statues that give the interior a charming atmosphere, and the essence of the palace style give the amazing golden decorating of furniture. In each room there are beautiful, rich carpets, and the floor in the whole castle makes a stunning impression – a wooden parquet made of the best materials laid in patterns or chessboard made of white and black ceramic tiles. In the castle you can observe a very decorative stucco. The walls are covered with wallpaper in impressive patterns borrowed from past eras, matching the furniture and the entire room decor. Each room is very cozy, and has its own individual character. The castle is illuminated by high, white windows in which the curtains hang. In the chapel on the ground floor of the building there are wonderful stained glass windows. The colors from the castle are mostly very subdued, white in a cream shade dominates and golden accents dominate. You can also find black and brown animated with dark red. The living room has an artistic piano next to which stands a beautiful malachite sofa with suede with majestic decorations.


Ground floor (0)

Gallery, 3 bedrooms, hall, dining room, room. service, kitchen, refrigerator, chapel, 3 toilets,
private apartment with vestibule, living room, kitchen, wardrobe, bedroom, bathroom and toilet

Floor (+1) 

5 bedrooms with a bathroom and toilet,
2 bedrooms + 2 terraces

Floor 2 (+2) 

7 bedrooms with bathroom

Attic (+3)

Residents can relax in a beautiful, large park in the style of Nagel, full of charming alleys, fountains,  wonderful old trees, numerous shrubs, amazing flower rugs with snowdrops, daffodils, etc. The whole area has 22 hectares! In front of the castle there is a terrace  where you can rest in peace and quiet.

On the property there is a house for the servants and numerous outbuildings

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In this amazing palace where you can live really royalty!



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