Selling real estates with Crystal House S.A.

Crystal House S.A. to Luxury real estate agency running continuously since 2007 .

During this time we have sold a lot of luxury real estate from the local market and foreign,both residences and apartments.

Accepting an offer to sell provide high quality services allocating advisor who will take care of your property and will endeavor to in the shortest time was the buyer. Therefore, we encourage you to choose no more than 3 real estate agents representing your offer on the market. Limiting the number of advisors will provide more efficient work.

You can also choose not to work with only one advertiser to provide a full control over exposure offers on the market . In this case, Crystal House S.A. is able to offer its loyal customers with the highest quality service.

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Crystal House SA also has aestablished customer base, where real estate search criteria overlap with the features of your offer. Immediately after the adoption of your offer, they will be notified of the new property.

Any viewings are announced in advance by the advisor to give you a time to prepare the property.

  • On receipt of an offer to buy the property, the advisor will contact you and sets further details. Established the conditions of signing the contract, such as the offer price, the method of financing (cash / credit) and the proposed time of completion of the sales process. Advisor will arrange all the paperwork associated with the transaction and ensure the safety of the transaction.
  • Once you accept this offer and agreed by both parties in writing, the next step is to draw up a contract of sale in the presence of a notary. Crystal House SA collaborates with many renowned notaries, which, if necessary, happy to recommend
  • Last step is transfer of the property and develop protocols that will be under the supervision of your advisor.



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