We offer a holistic management of the apartment or house rental in the form of operating and administrative matters – technical..


The service we are looking for the most valuable tenants, including a safe from a legal lease agreement, monitor payments and undertake all activities related to the contract.
With the support of rental assume all administrative matters relating to the premises, including make payments related to the cost of maintaining the property, arrange repairs, we assist in the inspections of premises, we care about the correctness of the accounts prepared by the administrator of the common property and monitor its operation. We provide you with the exact reports on its profits and all expenses and costs associated with the apartment.

We also offer a wide range of additional services such as:

  • accounting services: tax returns, filing
  • legal and tax: among others, representation in disputes with the tenant, legal advice – tax representation at the meeting of the community
  • interior design and organization for the purpose of equipping the apartment rental

On request we present testimonials from our satisfied customers.


Financial Rules

In the settlements of our customers use very beneficial for both parties the principle settlements involving the deduction of our commission from the rental income. Fee is payable in arrears, after reaching revenue does not charge any fees in advance. This method of payment is very motivating for our company and for you a guarantee of convergence of interests. In this respect, we believe our offer very competitive in relation to other property management agencies.


The rent that we can get for you from tenants will depend from:

  • size of the apartment / house, location
  • standard equipment
  • additional services provided to tenants by Crystal House

Our services for landlords to rent it:

Free estimate the rental rate

Using our databases and discernment on the market will determine what rate you can achieve with rent and how much it will take approximately find a customer wanting to rent a property. Mis-pricing is one of the most common mistakes by the person who placed the offer itself.

Advisory what type of rental

We will offer you the kind of rent that can bring the most money in the selected location. It often happens that the dwelling be better to rent an office, sometimes we have a person seeking a particular type of property and the decision is a matter of a few days.

Management apartment for rent

This service is recommended for people who intend to rent an apartment but for various reasons do not want or can not do it yourself. In the overall board premises deal with all matters that arise in the course of the lease or before signing it. We are a tenant, we charge a deposit fee, we ensure we remove the abrupt faults and failures, in a word – we do everything for the property owner is the problem. More about this service can be read

Preparing property for rent

On the real estate intermediary pregnancy many responsibilities. We respond to our customers for the security of the transaction. Therefore, prior to signing the agency agreement and placing ads in our database, you will need to zwerfikowanie identity of the owner or his agents.

Furnishings (optional)

We know what the standard and quality of tenants expect. With this knowledge, we can advise you on how to equip premises for rent, do not buy (saving) and what is necessary to premises rented. We cooperate with interior, so we can quickly and confidently get additional services.

Services for tenants

What you can expect from us tenant:

  • real estate search the desired line with his preference – never wasting time our customers !
  • Reliable assessment of the property for their ability to residence / business
  • Professional, verification obligations incumbent on the property (eg. utility bills, rents, obligations to neighbors)
  • Wykorzystania wiedzy zatrudnionego u nas prawnika w negocjacji umowy najmu
  • Use knowledge employed in our lawyer in negotiating lease agreements </ li>
  • help in adapting to the needs of the tenant’s premises (organizing equipment, media, construction crews – repairs) </ li>
  • Assistance in resolving disputes with the owner in case of any problems </ li>
  • Help in organizing removals </ li>
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