Interior Fit-out

The scope of work of studio  in the process of finishing a comprehensive guide to the use and transfer of the property, taking into account the conceptual work on the project, preparation of detailed plans for implementation, construction crews organizations, conducting supervision, and the sale of equipment.


Conceptual designs
The conceptual design includes proposals for functional – spatial management of living space
taking into account the technical solutions Necessary for Their Implementation. The goal of conceptual design is a determine the shape and nature of the investment.


Design drawings and visuals are closer climate and the style of the apartment and determine the direction of further design. Development of the project at the conceptual stage is the basis for the development of technology.

The conceptual design may also include statement pieces of equipment as a specification, as well as additional information on the manufacturer and the supplier.


Technical Projects
The technical project is to determine the detailed technical solutions, equipment specification, guidance finishing the term of finishing materials, equipment components, defining the colors.


Technical design is the basis for the order to subcontract specific industry projects
and regulations. Technical project coordinated with the specific industry and regulatory projects is the basis for the start of construction work.


Develop technical design includes:

Construction project that contains the layout of walls and openings and suspended ceiling system, floor plans, cross sections.

  • The overall figure (a room) with a presentation of the proposed system
  • overall figure (a room) with marked demolitions existing system
  • Drawing a construction executive for a new housing system
  • Suspended ceilings (plans, sections, detail), guidance materials, dimensions and layout
  • Tiling, wooden, stone, other (throws rooms), specifications, details
  • wall coverings, ceiling
  • Other building elements


Guidelines for the design of electrical and lighting arrangement containing sockets, lighting points, switches and connections all planned facilities

  • distribution of points of light in suspended ceilings and walls
  • positioning control points of light all light sources used in the project
  • arrangement and distribution of electrical points, climb power cables and pin descriptions


Guidelines for the design of water supply distribution points containing sewage, water drains approaches, connections all planned facilities

  • Throw rooms, containing exact dimensions of the descriptions
  • carpentry cabinetry design elements, taking into account all the other elements of the interior.
  • Throw landmark descriptions and specifications


Design of cabinetry carpentry and other finishing elements, designed individually

  • elements carpentry cabinetry, solid
  • cladding elements carpentry fixed
  • Other elements of carpentry custom furniture (furniture placement system designed)
  • drawings of furniture, including details, material specifications and descriptions


Supervision of construction, to control the compliance of the implementation of the project and the contractor providing instruction and clarification of the issues contained in the draft. The competence of the author’s supervision must also make changes in the project (to the extent not inconsistent with the building design and construction permit) and acceptance of completed construction in terms of quality


Investor supervision
The organization of building permits, certain rules, the standards and principles of technical knowledge, testing and commissioning works, confirming the work actually performed, as well as control the settlement construction


Costing investment
As part of the development cost estimate Platinum Elements prepare a list of the materials used, parts of equipment and infrastructure, other elements of the fixed and mobile, together with the names of producers and an indication of the possible purchase of the above-mentioned elements, and the current prices, at the date of the estimate. As part of the cost estimates are measured as construction work.


Preparing schedules of works related to the investment taking into account the time of the conceptual designs, technical, cost estimates, and investor supervision, commissioning location for use.


Organization of construction work with particular emphasis on: the work of masonry, cabinetry G / F, painting and priming the walls, electrical and hydraulic systems, laying of tiles and terracotta.


Equipment sale

Sale of complete equipment manufacturers a wide range of appliances, fittings, cabinetry, kitchens, sofas, tables, beds. Platinum Elements works with brands such as Poliform, Molteni, MDF Italia, Gervasoni, Interlübke, Lapalme, Kartell, Covo, Fischer Mobel, Norlight Metal Spot, Smitz, Vbia, Slide, Hans Grohe, Zuccetti.

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